A Baseball Player’s Vision for Health Infrastructure in Nicaragua

Many people remember Roberto Clemente as a Hall of Fame baseball player, but Clemente’s story goes well beyond the diamond.  Clemente was well known for his tireless efforts to ensure that those who are disadvantaged have what they need to live healthy, productive lives.  Clemente died in an airplane crash while aiding a medical airlift for the victims of a devastating Nicaragua earthquake.

In the spirit of Clemente’s tireless efforts to help those in need, the Roberto Clemente Health Clinic was launched in 2004 to provide affordable access to high-quality health care and wellness programs in the Tola coastal communities of Nicaragua.

As the 2nd poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, Nicaragua suffers from a shortage of available medical care.  Many of the country’s rural communities do not have local health care facilities and the people who live in those communities cannot afford the treatment that is offered in the cities.

The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic serves over 12,000 patients per year through general and emergency care, minor surgery, dentistry, lab work and a fully stocked pharmacy. 

The clinic is a great example of how building smart healthcare infrastructure in places that need it most can have a lasting impact on a large group of people.  

Having this clinic in place means an expectant mother who lives in Limón and the 27 surrounding communities can easily access necessary prenatal care. It means an injured worker can quickly get safe, efficient medical treatment and prescriptions. It means the residents of Limón can have a neighborhood doctor who can treat emergencies like allergic reactions, lacerations and asthma attacks, or even perform routine medical exams and testing.
The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic

The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic not only brings basic healthcare services to rural communities, it also means that a patient who may need long-term treatment at a larger facility in the city can receive emergency treatment close to home until they are stable enough to travel.

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