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A New Response to Adolescent Health and Wellness in the Caribbean: Spouses of Caribbean Leaders Action Network

Active Since: 2018

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Gilead is supporting the Spouses of CARICOM Leaders Action Network (SCLAN) to expand access to HIV prevention and treatment for adolescents and young adults, particularly those at high risk for HIV infection, in the Caribbean.



  • Private foundation or development organization

    Spouses of CARICOM Leaders Action Network


    Will conduct the program.


The program seeks to increase access to comprehensive packages of sexual and reproductive health services, decrease HIV and STI infections and increase condom usage among 18-34-year-olds.

The Caribbean region has the second-highest HIV prevalence and rate of new infections in the world, and almost half of the total population of the Caribbean is under the age of 24.

In September 2018, Gilead announced that it would provide grant funding to SCLAN in order to increase access to HIV prevention and treatment for adolescents and young adults in the Caribbean. SCLAN’s mission is to achieve a Caribbean free from HIV, gender-based violence, teenage pregnancy and cervical cancer.

The grants will fund the establishment of a permanent SCLAN Secretariat in Belize and demonstration projects in Belize and Guyana. This funding will also support the launch of the Caribbean region’s first-ever adolescent sexual and reproductive health fund. SCLAN will develop programs that aim to address gaps in HIV prevention and treatment services for adolescents and youth in Belize and Guyana with the goal of catalyzing change across the Caribbean.

The project will attempt to address barriers to access to HIV and STI prevention and protection services, general sexual and reproductive health and other health and wellness interventions for 10,000 adolescent and young women and men in Belize. By the end of 2020, the project’s desired outcomes include reducing HIV and STI incidence and prevalence rates, increasing safe sexual practices among 14-34-year-olds and improving beneficiaries’ negotiation skills with intimate partners.

Based on data from the programs in Belize and Guyana, community partners will work to understand unmet needs and identify those at highest risk for HIV infection, especially young women and girls. The outcomes will inform the design of future programs in other Caribbean countries. The funding will also support development and implementation of a social marketing campaign to increase awareness of HIV risk factors and prevention methods.

“Our network of first spouses is uniquely positioned not only to advocate for, but also take concrete actions to address the HIV epidemic in the Caribbean, and our partnership with Gilead will enhance our efforts.”
Kim Simplis Barrow
First Lady of Belize and Chair of SCLAN


SDG 3: Good Health and Wellbeing

  1. 3.1: Reduce Maternal Mortality
  2. 3.2: Reduce Under-5 Mortality 
  3. 3.3: Communicable Diseases & NTDs
  4. 3.7: Access to sexual and reproductive health-care services 

SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals