ACTIVE SINCE: 2022-2025

Breast Cancer Access Program in Ghana

The Access to Medicines program for breast cancer patients in Ghana, in partnership with Breast Care International (BCI), Peace and Love Hospitals and Direct Relief, reaches over 350 women each year.
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Increase the number of patients treated and as a result, increase survival rates.

Teva has committed to a three-year long partnership to provide medicines for the patients in the program, and is hoping to scale up the program both within Ghana and internationally.

According to the WHO, survival rates are lower when the diagnosis is not made in time and when there is no appropriate medical treatment – the two main reasons for the high mortality rate in developing countries. In fact, the breast cancer survival rate for at least 5 years after diagnosis ranges from more than 90% in high-income countries, to 66% in India and 40% in South Africa.

In Ghana, breast cancer accounts for around 15% of all malignancies and nearly 50% of women diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 died from this disease.

BCI has been running outreach programs  for women throughout Ghana since 2002. The program includes educating and screening for signs of breast cancer, increasing community awareness to help downstage disease at diagnosis and expanding the availability of clinical breast examination and screening, as well as increasing access to quality care and treatment. BCI’s activities are in rural communities where most women reside as farmers, part of vulnerable communities, and travel from all over Ghana to receive the healthcare they need.

In 2022, Teva donated 165,054 doses of medicine (valued at USD $1M) to help provide personalized treatment for approximately 400 patients with breast cancer at two hospitals in Accra and Kumasi.

Results and milestones

In 2023, Teva donated about 600,000 doses of medicine (valued at USD $1.9M) to help provide personalized treatment for approximately 400 patients with breast cancer at two hospitals.

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