Chugai’s partnership with AMDA-MINDS

Helping to build self-sustained basic healthcare systems supporting safer childbirth, maternity care and detection and treatment of NCDs.
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  • Promote safer childbirth
  • Improve maternal health
  • Foster detection and treatment of NCDs

Rural villages located in the central-dry-zone of Myanmar, are known for relatively high extent of poverty due to limited agricultural success. They also have poor health & hygiene condition and high newborn mortality rates.

Myanmar has a high infant mortality rate among Southeast Asian countries, but this area’s rate is even higher than the country average. The country also suffers from low rate of detection and treatment of NCDs such as hypertension.

In this partnership, we intend to help building self-sustained basic healthcare systems supporting safer childbirth, maternity care and detection and treatment of NCDs. For safer childbirth and maternity care, we offer to set up matching funds with the villagers for emergency transportation, conduct educational training courses, and provide medical instruments and devices.

For detection and treatment of NCDs, we offer to support patients through operating mobile medical clinics which provide medical check-ups and follow-up treatment. It also facilitates in-hospital care for severe condition’s patients and provides educational healthcare courses and brochures for the villagers. The details of the plans are determined at workshops facilitated by staffs in the Ministry of Health and Sports and Meiktila General Hospital.

The aim is to build a self-sustained pilot system for safer childbirth and detection and treatment of NCDs.

By encouraging active participation of the villagers and staffs in the District Health Department, we hope to generate lasting effects and learnings, which serves the Access Accelerated’s mission of providing sustainable solutions.

Results and milestones

Estimated amount of people impacted: The target area’s population is 200,000 in total.

Geographic Reach
  • Africa
  • Americas
  • South-East Asia
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Disease Area
  • Non-communicable diseases
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Target Population
  • Children
  • Women
Partner organizations
Professional and Trade Associations
Association of Medical Doctors of Asia - Multisectoral and Integrated Development Services (AMDA –

Chugai and AMDA-MINDS worked together in building master plans. AMDA-MINDS made the detailed plan and works with local staffs in its implementation.

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