Hope to Her

Access Accelerated
Ensuring patients’ access to innovative metastatic breast cancer treatment where it is not reimbursed by Universal Health Coverage.
  • To address patient’s affordability by using intra-country differential pricing model and partnering with various stakeholders to improve access to medicine.

What are the health needs and challenges?

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among females, and the fourth most common cause of cancer-related deaths in Asia-Pacific region. On the other hand, with the continued economic growth in Asia, many countries are making efforts to expand Universal Health Coverage (UHC), however due to financial challenges and operational issues, the coverage is limited with only essential medicines usually covered. Furthermore, economic growth leads to wider income disparity, forcing lower income patients who are not covered by insurance to pay out-of-pocket to access innovative medicines.

Partnership activities and how they address needs and challenges

Aiming to fulfil the gap between current reimbursement coverage and achievement of full UHC, Hope to Her was initiated in some Asian countries to ensure patients’ access to our innovative metastatic breast cancer treatment where it is not reimbursed by UHC.

Eisai developed intra-country pricing models with different tiers including price zero, by considering socio-economic factors, treatment cycle, patients and their families’ benefits and so on. Third-parties (financial assessment agency, public foundation, etc.) help to make independent assessments on patients’ financial status in order to determine which tier they should be allocated to, as well as guidance on drug compliance, tracking progression of health status and so on.

"Now with Hope To Her Program, more of my metastatic breast cancer patients can be treated with innovative treatments earlier in their disease journey. This determines their chance to live longer and gives them hope."
Results and milestones

Patients who gained access to our innovative metastatic breast cancer treatment through Hope to Her accounts for about 37% of the total patients who have been benefiting from this treatment in India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Myanmar.

Geographic Reach
  • South-East Asia
  • Western Pacific
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Disease Area
  • Non-communicable Diseases
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SGDs the partnership contributes to
SDG 3: Good Health and Wellbeing
  1. 3.4: NCDs (including mental health)
  2. 3.8: Achieve universal health coverage
SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals