ACTIVE SINCE: 2023-2028

Improving equitable access to quality treatment and care for children with cancer, with a focus on Burkitt Lymphoma

WCC will implement a holistic approach to support children with cancer, especially with Burkitt lymphoma, to access the treatment and care they need. The project will focus on improving early detection and access to treatment, strengthening pediatric oncology services for BL, and strengthen psychosocial support for children/ caregivers.
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Through this project, WCC will support children throughout their journey so that:

  • more children can be diagnosed, and earlier, thanks to raising awareness of signs and symptoms among healthcare professionals at primary care level
  • barriers to equitable access, and adherence, to treatment are addressed
  • an enabling healthcare system is created to strengthen the speed and accuracy of diagnosis of Burkitt lymphoma (BL), to strengthen the capacity of healthcare professionals to use rituximab in a safe and effective manner and to provide the necessary supportive care, to manage emergencies and avoid complications among others
  • children and their families receive the emotional and educational support they need to not only survive but thrive and inspire hope in others starting their cancer journey
  • we gather evidence and share learning to improve policy and practice including through publications and at conferences, on the benefits of improving access to cancer targeted drugs for pediatric oncology in LMICs. This will underpin advocacy objectives with governments, the WHO, and other key stakeholders and policymakers

The collaboration will focus on improving early detection and access to treatment for children with Burkitt Lymphoma, strengthening pediatric oncology services and delivering advocacy and sharing of learning for long-term impact. It will be implemented via a network of treatment and referral centres across Ghana, Cameroon, Malawi, Indonesia and Nepal.

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Geographic Reach
  • Africa
  • South-East Asia
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Disease Area
  • Women’s and Child Health
  • Non-communicable diseases
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Target Population
  • Children
  • Children
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World Child

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