Johnson & Johnson Center for Health Worker Innovation

The Center is tasked with guiding a USD 250 million, 10-year commitment from the Johnson & Johnson Foundation and the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies to support one million health workers reaching 100 million people by 2030.
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Working with partners, the Center is developing a global portfolio of programs in regions with high community health burdens while also ensuring that the current health workforce is thriving and resilient.

The Center was founded to take on two of the toughest global health challenges to achieving the SDGs—closing a 10 million health worker shortage and equipping health workers to thrive. Based on the belief that solving the problems facing health workers will improve healthcare for everyone, the Center leverages a people-first model, focusing on equipping health workers across the globe with the skills, resources and support they need to improve quality of care and strengthen community-based health systems.

Championing global health equity is key to the Center’s mission and a core priority of Johnson & Johnson’s ESG strategy. Frontline health workers are often the first and only link between communities and health systems. With half the world lacking access to basic, essential health services, supporting health workers and rebuilding primary healthcare, which has been underfunded for decades, will be critical to achieving global health priorities including UHC.

Results and milestones
  • As of October 2022 reporting, the Center’s programming reached over 755,000 frontline health workers, primarily nurses and community health workers, in 2021 alone—already 74% of its 10-year 2030 target, primarily as a result of the reach of our digital health programming.
  • We are working to recalibrate our targets for the years ahead in line with our mission to achieve health equity and access to health for everyone, everywhere.
Geographic Reach
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