Mobile Healthcare Field Clinic Services in Tanzania

In Tanzania, we have been operating mobile healthcare field clinics in cooperation with the non-governmental organization Plan International Japan (PIJ), local governments, and local communities in the partnership shown in the figure below, to contribute to regions where medical infrastructure is insufficient, such as areas which lack doctors or wh

We have deployed a mobile healthcare field clinic service since 2011 to improve the rate of pregnant women receiving antenatal care, as well as the immunization rate among infants in areas with healthcare access issues and high infant and maternal mortality rates. Through this project, we supply mobile clinic vehicles as well as equipment, such as scales, blood pressure measuring equipment, vaccine carrying cases, and microscopes used for mobile healthcare activities. In fiscal 2016, it was decided that these services would be offered in a new region, the Kilombero District, Tanzania.

We implement the project by identifying priority areas that are in line with the needs of the community in cooperation with local administrative agencies and public health authority through our partner PIJ. In February 2017, we held a kickoff ceremony. With a focus on contributing to the accomplishment of SDG Goal 3- particularly Target 3.2, which aims to reduce neonatal and under-5 mortality- we work to increase the immunization rate among infants along with the rate of pregnant women receiving antenatal care. Additionally, we focus on training community healthcare workers to support these activities.

Geographic Reach
Disease Area
SGDs the partnership contributes to
SDG 3: Good Health and Wellbeing
  1. 3.8: Achieve universal health coverage
SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals