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MOSKI KIT, an innovative awareness approach for children in malaria

Active Since: Since 2001

Contributing to SDGs…

An innovative awareness approach : since 2001, in partnership with National Malaria Control Programmes in African countries, Sanofi has developed training and awareness tools designed for children and focused on the prevention, diagnosis, and management of Malaria



  • Government

    National Malaria Control Programs (NMCPs)

  • Local NGOs

    Local associations


    Local associations mainly Non Governmental Organizations for : - dissemination - training


The management of malaria is complex and requires many different types of know-how. Sanofi’s malaria strategy supports the WHO and the global malaria community’s vision of a world free of malaria through a portfolio of high-quality medicines, both existing and future, as well as information, education and communication initiatives and surveillance programs.

Because drug alone is not enough, Sanofi supports a holistic approach to defeat malaria, for the appropriate prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Success in this field requires the development of educational tools designed to meet a range of different needs, and adapted to different audiences. Along with scientific experts and NMCPs, Sanofi develops training and medical information tools to provide the most complete information possible about the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of malaria.

MOSKI KIT has been designed to :
1) raise children’s awareness through engaging educational Tools
2) to provide fun method of teaching basic knowledge on malaria, its mode of transmission, prevention against mosquitoes
3) to support teachers / health workers or community workers with materials
4) to facilitate understanding of the messages
5) to help messages retain with games


Despite significant multisectoral efforts, malaria remains a challenge in many endemic countries. This parasitic disease is the deadliest and most frequently encountered on the planet, mainly on the African continent. In 2017, 92% of malaria cases and 93% of malaria deaths occurred in Africa.
Children are the most vulnerable towards malaria – 70% of the victims are children
under 5 years of age – but can also play an active role in the prevention campaigns. Informing and teaching them is essential to initiating a change in behaviour in their communities.
Since 2001, in partnership with National Malaria Control Programmes (NMCPs) in African countries, Sanofi has developed training and awareness tools specifically designed for children and focused on the prevention, diagnosis, and management of malaria.
The key messages conveyed in the different tools are based on malaria strategic plans set up in the countries and the tools have been designed in collaboration with the relevant players (NMCP, NGOs, teachers, children…). Sanofi makes these tools available to public health authorities and NGOs in endemic countries.

More specifically:

  • Since 2008, Sanofi has raised awareness among primary school children through the “Schoolchildren Against Malaria” program in 17 African countries. In this program, selected schools design a concrete action plan within their close environment. Schoolchildren are trained on malaria, within their classroom, through adapted tools. They then will spread key messages within the community to encourage a change in behaviour
  • The MOSKI KIT, an “edutainment” toolkit available in three languages – French, English and
    Portuguese – was launched in 2013. It provides teachers with materials based on a problem/solution approach, a simple and effective training method. It has been designed to raise awareness among children and provide a fun method of teaching basic knowledge on the disease, its mode of transmission, the prevention against mosquitoes, the symptoms of the disease and its treatment. The illustrations were designed to reflect as far as possible the children’s everyday life and to facilitate understanding of the messages. Games included in the kit allow to review key messages through play.
  • Then came the development of a comprensive toolkit with the optimal combination of tools to run both didactic and entertaining sessions, in order to maximize knowledge retention: Moski Games, Moski Images, Moski cards …
MOSKI KIT's educational value in the field have made it a reference tool among children. It has been successfully rolled-out in 15 sub-Saharan African countries and won first prize in the category of "most valuable patient inititiative or service" the Eyeforpharma Awards.
Dr Isabelle Villadary,
Head Malaria Program, Sanofi Global Health Programs.
We must invest in raising public awareness and commitment, improving prevention to combat malaria. Beyond its value in educating children about the disease, MOSKI material show how we can protect ourselves. Its digital format is well-adapted to today’s society.
Dr. Amy Fall-Ndao,
Global Health Regional Medical Lead Africa


SDG 3: Good Health and Wellbeing

  1. 3.3: Communicable Diseases & NTDs

SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals 


Since 10 years, Sanofi developped expertise, differentiation in malaria disease awareness targetting children. The materials improved on a continuum basis thanks to regular evaluation.

Districts in 15 Countries in Sub-saharan region have be covered by such of initiative : RDC, Niger, Senegal, Guinee, RCI, Ghana, Benin, Togo, Cameroon, Gabon, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Burkina Faso and Nigeria,

Successful scale-up

PRIZE : In March 2016, the MOSKI KIT received the top prize as “the most valuable patient service initiative” at the EyeforPharma Awards in Barcelona.

DIGITIZATION : Sanofi has started digitalizing its range of learning tools to educate a larger number
of children. MOSKI® MEMORY is an online memory game accessible via computer that is suitable for children six years and older.
The new tool, graphically consistent with the entire MOSKI KIT® range, was developed to adapt learning methods to societies evolution especially new generation.
It comes in addition to the MOSKI® TOON a dedicated cartoon disseminated on TV and youtube.