Nigerian Cancer Health Fund

The Nigeria Cancer Health Fund is an innovative way to ensure the affordability of cancer treatments for patients at treatment centers and is a key part of the nation’s efforts to achieve UHC.
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Health insurance in Nigeria is not widespread and does not offer comprehensive cancer care coverage. Many cancer patients have to go without necessary treatments or begin their medical treatment but must stop because they cannot afford the out-of-pocket costs associated with their cancer care. In 2020, Roche led a private-sector coalition which, with the support of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Nigerian public authorities, led to the creation of the Nigerian Cancer Health Fund (CHF). The CHF’s goal is to enable standard of care cancer treatment to underprivileged populations regardless of their ability to pay, and to strengthen the national cancer care ecosystem by improving quality of services. The CHF provides access to funding of up to USD 4,865 for treatments, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy services for people with breast, cervical, and prostate cancers. It is being piloted in designated centers across the country.

“[The CHF] is a very good initiative because it helps the patients stay longer on treatment. For myself, it is positive. Look at me today, I’m getting back to myself. I’ll really say it’s a good one. I wish more patients could access it and that the process could be easier.”
Nigerian Cancer Heath Fund (CHF) Beneficiary Interview: A.S, Female, Abuja, Nigeria
Results and milestones
  • Since 2020, approximately USD 4 million has been allocated, offering the potential to provide comprehensive care for people with breast, prostate, and cervical cancers.
  • Six public health institutions involved in pilot phase, one in each geo-political zone of the country.
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  • Non-communicable diseases
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Target Population
  • People with low incomes
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