Oncology Patient Navigation Initiative, Africa

Patient navigation programs proved particularly efficient in addressing the complex challenge of healthcare system fragmentation. Roche has devised a strategy followed by an active campaign of supporting Governments and Partners across Africa to kick-start their own and independent patient navigation programs.
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Patient navigation programs are networks of professional navigators placed in oncology centers and collaborating with each other across and beyond their own institution, community or city to support cancer patients to find resources that remove blockers slowing down treatment access. 

Roche Africa has established a team working with selected Partners on three pillars:

  • Program Factory – create programs. Support in analyzing hospital workflows and architect appropriate navigation programs tackling the identified fragmentations.
  • Navigation Academy – create workforce. Support with forming and training workforce on the basics of oncology patient navigation. 
  • Impact Lab – create insights. Support with collecting data through RedPath and analyzing the impact of the programs, focused on early diagnosis and treatment, adherence increase, and patient satisfaction.  
Results and milestones

As of January 2024:

  • Initial engagements have been started in 18 African countries.  
  • Supported partners in Ghana and Eswatini to start local pilots, then scale into country-wide navigation coverage. Today the two national programs have each over 15 navigators employed, with Breast and respectively Cervical cancer in scope.
  • Additional four African countries received regional or national Ministry of Healthy buy-in, and are in the process of deploying pilots or Country-wide implementations.
  • Initial successes with capturing patient journey barriers through the digital platform RedPath. 
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  • Non-communicable diseases
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  • Women
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