Social Business in France for people in poverty

A social business program in partnership with Pharmacie Humanitaire International (PHI) that offers medicines in very low price for people in poverty and migrants, while assuring a sustainable positive impact.
Supply of quality medicines
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Increase the number of patients treated and as a result, improving the patients’ quality of life and survival rate.

Teva has committed to a three-year long partnership to provide medicines for the patients in the program. Since it is a social business model, we expect the program to continue as long as it is sustainable and meets the needs of patients and partners.

The Access program in France is dedicated to support people in poverty, migrants and people experiencing homelessness suffering from chronic diseases and need regular medication.

This is a social business program—which involves selling products at very low cost to a nonprofit organization, in order to make a sustainable positive impact. The products included in the program help treat cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases, pain and mental health.

The program is in partnership with Pharmacie Humanitaire International (PHI), an organization that facilitates medicine delivery to charitable care centers where patients can receive free medicines, consultations and social services.

Results and milestones

The program has reached approximately 100,000 people to-date, and in 2022, Teva provided 1,650,000 doses of medicine.

Geographic Reach
Disease Area
  • Non-communicable Diseases
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Target Population
  • People with low incomes
SGDs the partnership contributes to
SDG 3: Good Health and Wellbeing
SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals 
Partner organizations
Local NGOs
Pharmacie Humanitaire International

The formulation of the program and its ongoing management