Novo Nordisk is a global healthcare company with 100 years of experience in innovation and leadership in diabetes care. Our purpose is to drive change to defeat diabetes and other serious chronic diseases such as obesity, and rare blood and rare endocrine diseases.

Headquartered in Denmark, Novo Nordisk employs more than 50,000 people in 80 countries and markets its products in over 170 countries. Novo Nordisk is committed to closing the gap in access to diabetes care for people around the world, continuously integrating our response into how we do business.

Novo Nordisk’s work on access to care:

Since the launch of the company’s first access to care strategy in 2001, we have been working to improve access to diabetes care for underserved populations through a range of initiatives. Our initial contribution was a ground-breaking policy to lower the cost of insulin in the poorest countries. This was updated in 2017 as our Access to Insulin Commitment to lower the ceiling price and include humanitarian relief settings. Through this commitment we guarantee that we will provide low-priced human insulin for patients in the poorest parts of the world for many years to come. We wish to provide affordable insulin treatment to significantly more patients in low- and middle-income countries and we are committed to pass on any future gains in production efficiency to patients.

Through a growing range of partnerships, we’re expanding our efforts and embedding solutions into our day-to-day business in order to help people access the care they need, no matter where they live. And because many of the challenges are common to other non-communicable diseases, we are joining forces with others so that our efforts to tackle diabetes contribute to the broader fight against chronic diseases.

We know from experience that the barriers to access care are complex: from getting the product to those who need it, at a price they can afford and with reliability they can depend on, to combatting shortages of healthcare professionals who can effectively diagnose and treat diabetes with the required equipment. That’s why we’re taking a holistic approach in our response.