Empowering the World’s Supply Chain Managers

Throughout the world, people living in disadvantaged and remote communities struggle to get life-saving drugs and necessary healthcare supplies. The People that Deliver (PtD) Initiative is working to fix that.

PtD is a broad coalition of more than 80 organizations - country governments, international donors, multilateral agencies, nongovernmental organizations, academic institutions, professional associations, and private companies – from around the world that strive to improve the health supply chain workforce in developing countries.

Their target mission? Train individuals to effectively implement and oversee global supply chains.

PtD helps government and national health institutions recruit and retain appropriately qualified personnel for positions with supply chain responsibilities. 

PtD conducts a thorough review of supply chain management in each country.  Based on that assessment, PtD works in concert with both the public and private sectors to develop a solution that is tailored to that country’s specific supply chain management needs.

Having supply chain experts on the ground managing the movement of medicines and supplies increases the success of those supplies reaching patients and saving lives.

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