Tanzanian Teens Learn Healthy Development

When the book Growth and Changes released in Tanzania in 2009, the response was overwhelming. The book, written in both English and Swahili (Vipindi vya Maisha), aimed to empower and teach 10- to 14-year-old girls about their changing bodies. The Tanzania Ministry of Education requested the book for its school curriculum. UNFPA and UNICEF supported the publication of an additional 125,000 copies.

Grow and Know used the book as inspiration to address an unmet need in Tanzania – young Tanzanians lacked proper sexual and emotional development education.

Today, the program uses illustrated books to guide teens through the changes that occur during puberty. Grow and Know develops books that are grounded in the local social, cultural, and economic context. The organization collaborates with high quality local illustrators, translators, and publishers to capture the real perspectives of young people growing up today.

By empowering teens in Tanzania and beyond to take charge of their health, Grow and Know is promoting a healthier, responsible, and independent generation of adolescents – reducing their risk for STIs, unplanned pregnancies, and more.

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