Using Technology to Train Caregivers in India

The Bodhi Health Education initiative uses tablets, smartphones and computers to educate health workers in rural India. Founded by Abhinav and Shrutika Girdhar, this startup is gaining worldwide recognition for changing health education through the use of technology.

The couple recognized the need to train more people in healthcare services, particularly in India’s rural communities. Shrutika drew on her childhood experiences for inspiration.

In my village, which has a population of 2,000, there is only a single dispensary and doctor. It is definitely not enough.
Shrutika Girdhar for The Guardian

By increasing the availability and ease of healthcare training with the use of mobile technology, Abhinav and Shrutika are addressing one of India’s most pressing issues – poor public health. In fact, large tech companies are also taking note of the couple’s initiative – some even investing in the program. Screen swipe by screen swipe, Bodi Health Education is changing lives.


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