About GHP

Global Health Progress seeks to bring research-based biopharmaceutical companies and global health leaders together to improve access to medicine and health care in the developing world. In addition to serving as a convening point for the industry on global health topics, the initiative engages with global health organizations; lends advocacy support to shared goals; identifies best practices for programs that address health needs, and facilitates research and development efforts to fight neglected diseases in the developing world.

Through meaningful public-private partnerships with others in the field, including policymakers in the developed and developing world, multi-lateral institutions, non-governmental organizations, and academia we can help shape sustainable solutions that improve the health of all people.


AMIIF (Mexico)

Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry

CAEMe (Argentina)

EFPIA (Europe)


Innovative Medicines Canada

Innovative Pharmaceutical Association South Africa

Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association

Medicines Australia

Medicines New Zealand

Organisation of Pharmaceutical Producers of India

Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America

PReMA (Thailand)

R&D –Based Pharmaceutical Association (China)